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“Going solar was so easy.

The sun’s energy travels 91 million miles every day to power your home.

Make it worth the trip. Going solar can be simple when you are partnered with the right company. Just like paying your utility bill – pay for the guaranteed power your solar energy generates – not just panels and installation. Solar energy is predictable and affordable.  The savings each year can be in the thousands of dollars depending on your location. Solar energy has arrived and the choice is yours. Switch to solar and save money, the environment, and your health. Or continue to buy fossil fuel.

Easy to Start

Switching your home to solar energy does not have to be difficult. We make going solar simple and affordable.

No Magic

There are no magic tricks when choosing solar panels for your home. The only magic is the sun’s energy feeding clean solar electricity into your home. Every morning you will wake up wondering why more people don’t switch to solar like you. Fact: Coffee brewed with solar power tastes better and it’s better for the environment.

Free Maintenance

Worry free maintenance is included with every solar energy system we install. That means you won’t have to worry about repairs or loss of energy production for at least 20 years.

Solar Energy On a Mission

Hundreds of home and business owners are choosing Mahraj to install and maintain their solar energy systems every day. Every 4 minutes in the United States another family is choosing to go solar and that number is climbing every day. When you choose Mahraj you are guaranteed to receive high-quality customer care, reliable power based performance guarantees and maintenance included at no additional cost. And in the rare event of a problem, our team is there to quickly fix it. Plus every Mahraj customer is helping a low-income family go solar at no cost.

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