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A trusted solar energy company.

Mahraj Delivers Positive Energy

Mahraj Solar is Dubai’s fully-integrated solar energy company, focused on the acquisition, development and long-term ownership of solar projects. It currently has assets under operation in UAE major and the middle east.

At Mahraj Solar, we’re here to address your specific project needs. Our team understands a solar project requires the interconnection of key stakeholders with the ability to materialize the economic, environmental and social advantages of this elegant technology.



Transform the way we use resources by providing access to sustainable solutions.



To accelerate the development of a sustainable world.



Power of the Individual

We believe in the power of the individual to effect change through innovation and creativity in their work.

Courage to Change

We have the courage to change by listening to and learning from divergent opinions and views that make us better.

Passion for the Environment

We are passionate about the environment and believe every person has a responsibility to contribute to making the world a better place.

Your Full-Service Solar Energy Company

We are your full-service solar energy company. You now have a choice in taking control of where you buy your energy, possibly a choice that you did not have before. Our process helps you lock in your energy rates. Mahraj makes your choice to switch to solar quick and easy. Mahraj solar helps you avoid costly rate increases that your local utility wants to build more poles, wires and polluting, fossil fuel power plants. We make you part of the clean energy revolution, not just a bystander. Vinyasun gives you the power to prove the nay-sayers wrong while making a positive impact on climate change

Start Paying Less For Energy

We make installing solar panels on your home easy. We also make installing solar panels on your home cost less than buying energy from your local utility. Your payback on solar from Mahraj is day one! Just ask yourself what would you do with a 20% savings on your annual energy bill?

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