Mahraj is committed to studying, developing, and distributing pumps and pumping systems. Water is the principal element of life and the common denominator of all applications.pumps are made in fabricated stainless steel, which keeps the water free of contamination. The laser welding technology creates pumps that are resistant to aggressive chemicals and guarantees that the production process respects

the natural environment. Advanced pump control and regulation systems ensure the safe, reliable and economic use of water.


Mahraj  offers a complete range of pumps for civil, agricultural and industrial applications. For commercial and residential building services.

Mahraj  offers pumps for pressurization, conditioning, fire-fighting Systems, lifting stations and dewatering. For irrigation.

Mahraj  offers pumps for agriculture applications, irrigation of gardens and parks. For industrial applications.

purification, water treatment, industrial washing equipment and machine tool cooling.

Mahraj Offering:

Stainless Steel pumps including self-priming, horizontal, vertical single and multi-stages, surface and submersible pumps, circulators, drainage, clean and waste water, borehole, booster sets, variable frequency drives, control panels and accessories

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