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Advantages of Solar Water Heater

In a stressful economy, homeowners are constantly finding ways to save money while still living comfortably. With the ‘Green’ movement, consumers are constantly looking for environmentally friendly options as well as wind and solar energy.

Both resources have advantages and disadvantages, but for most people, a hybrid approach is proving to be the way to go.

A large part of the energy in a house is used for hot water heaters. Typically powered by gas or electric, these units consume valuable energy that is slowly depleting valuable fossil fuels and costing homeowners money.

In some parts of the country where a sufficient amount of sunlight is available, solar hot water heaters have proved to be an effective way to generate hot water using the unlimited and free energy of the sun.

Solar hot water heaters directly heat water or a fluid, such as an antifreeze, which indirectly heats water through a heat exchange. Summer water is stored for use as needed.

A traditional water heater provides any additional heating that may be required.

There are two different types of systems: active and passive.

Active solar water heaters use electrically operated pumps, valves, and other devices that help circulate water or heat-transfer fluids through the system.

Passive solar systems transmit water or a heat-transfer fluid without electric pumps and other equipment.

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Solar hot water heaters have several advantages.

First of all, they are non-polluting because they are powered by the sun. Second, they save energy which saves the environment. In the end, they save you money by reducing your energy bill.

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